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A Quick Reference Guide For Aspiring Dialysis Technician

With the changing times, there has been a great change in career pathways. There are various career options that are blooming on daily basis and demonstrate an anticipated incremented in the recent years. One of most growing career options in the medical field is dialysis technician.

There is no doubt working as a healthcare professional can be an extreme undertaking. It requires a lot of dedication and commitment as the individual must be flawless in what he does, generally, even the smallest of mistakes could risk the patient's life.

To avoid these types of situations and make the patient feel that they are in safe hands, healthcare or medical professionals undergo a thoroughly educational and training process before being enrolled by a healthcare facility. If you want to opt dialysis technician as your career, you should be clear about the various aspects which include, educational requirements, responsibilities and career opportunities available before making the final choice.

If you are student located in the United States want to enroll yourself in dialysis technician training program, New York Medical Career Training Center can be the type of institution you are looking for.

A dialysis technician is a rewarding career and is responsible for performing dialysis on patients who have kidney disorders. They perform numerous functions starting from dialysis treatment to monitoring and maintaining equipment that is used in the process.

Dialysis Technician Educational Requirements

  • Should have a high school diploma or equivalency
  • Need to complete clinical hours apart from coursework

Courses Available for Dialysis Technician

  • Procedures and complications associated with hemodialysis
  • Patients with kidney failure
  • Overview of dialysis environment
  • Medical devices of the field
  • Dialysis principles
  • Vascular Access

Dialysis Technician Certification

  • The Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC)
  • The Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT)

Dialysis Technician Job Description

  • Apart from, monitoring and operating the machines used in the treatment, the technician is responsible for repairing the faulty equipment, vascular access monitoring, dialyzer reprocessing as well as water treatment monitoring.

  • The technician somehow acts as the primary caregiver for the patients who visit any of the health care facilities for dialysis treatment.

  • They are additionally responsible for easing post and pre-physical or mental concerns among the patients undergoing dialysis treatment.

Dialysis Technician Alternative Job Labels

The dialysis technicians are also known by two other titles mentioned below:

  • Renal Dialysis Technician
  • Hemodialysis Technician

Duties Of Dialysis Technician

  • Blood Sterilization
  • Calculations and adjustments of fluid removal rate
  • Keep a record of blood pressure
  • Tracking patient’s weight
  • For maintaining patients report before, during and after each procedure
  • Inform nurse or physician about the various changes in patient condition
  • Inspect and maintain hemodialysis machine during, before, and after the dialysis treatment
  • Measurements and adjustments of blood flow rate
  • Ready to perform certain medical emergency procedures such as Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) during an event and so on

Job Outlook And Salary

The rate of job growth for the profile of dialysis technician is increasing day by day. Due to poor lifestyle and eating habits, numerous people are developing kidney disorders on regular basis as well as an increase in the number of jobs for dialysis technician. The salary slab for the technicians varies and wholly depends on the experience and type of facility they are employed in.

You may be an excellent fit for this career pathway if you possess interpersonal skills that this career demand. It is one of the expensive treatment that is quite distressing and robs off the basic freedom of the patient suffering from kidney disorders.  
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