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Medical Training Programs: Which Is The Right Course For You?

 “By choosing our path, we chose our destination.” - Monson

Students seeking medical training and certification to enhance their career face numerous challenges. Choosing the course that better suits their abilities and has good career prospectus is not an easy task, considering there are vast number of courses that are available online. Following are some of the courses that are offered by the medical training school:

Electrocardiography :

This course is of 36 hours and candidates can learn the following things in the program:

  • Electrical conduction of the heart
  • The internal and external structure of the heart
  • Major functions of the cardiovascular system
  • Junctional rhythms and AV Blocks
  • Identification of the types of blood vessels
  • EKG attributes of sinus rhythm
  • Components of pacemaker rhythm
  • Characteristics of ventricular rhythms and atrioventricular

Phlebotomy Technician :

Being one of the most demanded professions in the medicine field, phlebotomy technician mainly prepare blood samples and other specimens of the patients. In the 36-hour program, candidates will be taught:

  • Identifying diagnostic lab equipment
  • Vacuum method for venous blood withdrawal
  • An autolet blood withdrawal method for checking glucose level
  • Usage of hemoglobinometer
  • Vacuum method
  • Autolet blood withdrawal
  • Usage of glucometer
  • Usage of microhematocrit centrifuge
  • Doing therapeutic and laboratory procedures

Along with the above-mentioned things, candidates are taught a good general awareness about the field along with having sound knowledge of the safety protocols required in this field with the legal obligations, a Phlebotomy technician is required to fulfil.

Medical Billing :

The medical billing training program is of 60 hours and students get a general review of the medical insurance, coding and billing procedures, learning:

  • Using Computerized billing stimulations to maintain patient files
  • Post payments to patient accounts
  • Creating insurance claim forms
  • Correcting and resubmitting claims
  • Making the reports for insurance claims

Patient Care Technician :

A PCT cares for the patients in various medical centers, working under the supervised guidance of the head nurse and various medical experts.  A patient care technician training program is of 72 hours and candidates learn the following topics:

  • Advanced lab skills
  • Preparing the Specimen
  • Phlebotomy
  • Taking vital signs
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical terms
  • EKG

Medical Office Administration :

This training program is of 90 hours and students are taught various topics in the curriculum and distinguish various elements of medical office environments:

  • Determining the fees of patients
  • Maintaining the medical record coding systems
  • Using various excel and microsoft word
  • Using word processing document
  • Usage of office equipment

Using these, medical office administrators perform various managerial and administrative duties for different healthcare centers.

Nurse Assistant/Aide :

Nurse assistant training program is of 130 hours. The nursing assistant course prepares the candidates for developing a career as nursing assistant from the ground level. Students learn various elements in the curriculum of the nurse assistant course:

  • Fluid and nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Elimination
  • Hygiene
  • Fulfilling the physical and emotional

The nurse assistant course is ideal for individuals who are comfortable taking care of individuals on a close level.

Pharmacy Technician :

The course of pharmacy technician is of 250 hours. In this course, candidates learn how to prepare medication and offering drug related info to the public. They dispense the non-prescription medications, offer consultations regarding tests and medication when it is required. Candidates will learn the following skills in the pharmacy technician training program:

  • Aseptic technique
  • Writing Prescriptions
  • Dosage administration
  • OTC Medication
  • Pharmacy billing
  • Packaging prescriptions
  • Organizing medication records of clients

New York Medical Career Training Center is a medical school offering various medical courses in Queens, Manhattan, Flushing, Bronx and Brooklyn. Their instructors are industry specialists having vast experience in their respective fields.
Location: 36-09 Main St, Flushing, NY 11354, USA


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